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INFO: Today there are regular events at the Edelmannshof Perschen, such as the musicians’ round table and the museum’s parish fair. During the museum season up to eleven market women and men meet for the Perschen farmers market and offer regional products each Wednesday.

The history of the Edelmannshof in Perschen goes back to the year 1161. At that time the Edelmannshof in Perschen, the nucleus of the farmers museum which belongs to the Freilandmuseum, was mentioned in documents for the first time. With the purchase of the Edelmannshof, the "Verein Oberpfälzisches Bauernmuseum Perschen e.V." (the society for the Oberpfalz Bauernmuseum Perschen) laid the foundation for the Freilandmuseum Oberpfalz in 1961.

The since 1605 originally preserved three-sided farm, together with its accompanying Romanesque church and charnel house, is one of the most important testimonies of rural architecture in the Oberpfalz. After the transfer of a grain box which originated around 1600 the farmers museum was opened in 1964.

It began with an exhibition of rural objects such as furniture, garbs, tools, books and household objects. The volunteer-based museum association quickly reached its limits through the immense number of visitors. With that the idea emerged to turn over the farmers museum to a public agency and to in the long term create a larger open-air museum. These plans overlapped with those of the Oberpfalz county and the Edelmannshof was transferred in 1977.

Opening hours

Saturday, Sunday and on holidays:
9 A.M. – 6 P.M.

Adress and route

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92507 Nabburg

free admission to the Bauernmuseum Perschen